webks: Responsive jQuery Tables - Demo

Size your browser window down to <= 700pixels (and hit reload if JS window resize event does not work in your browser).
The function also fires on orientation change on mobile devices.

Hint: Have a look at the several configuration options and try them out in this demo!

thead1 thead2 thead3 thead4 thead5 thead6 thead7 thead8 thead9
row1 cell1 row1 cell2 row1 cell3 row1 cell4 row1 cell5 row1 cell6 row1 cell7 row1 cell8 row1 cell9
row2 cell1 row2 cell2 row2 cell3 row2 cell4 row2 cell5 row2 cell6 row2 cell7 row2 cell8 row2 cell9
row3 cell1 row3 cell2 row3 cell3 row3 cell4 row3 cell5 row3 cell6 row3 cell7 row3 cell8 row3 cell9

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